A free tool, DokuWiki2HtmlHelp.exe, is available to export a complete DokuWiki website into HTML Help. The Delphi source code is also available below under the GPL license.

How it works

  1. uses ?do=index to get the first page of the index
  2. parses the index pages to build a list of content pages
  3. parses the the content pages for css and images
  4. strips out the stuff that is not Html Help friendly (scripts, forms, etc.)
  5. converts the links in the page to local links (if they are in the wiki)
  6. saves the pages locally in folders to replicate the namespaces
  7. builds the Html Help project file along with all of its supporting files (table of contents, index, mapping, etc.)
  8. downloads and renames all needed images and css
  9. calls Microsoft Html Help Compiler and generates the Compiled Html Help file (.chm)
Microsoft's Html Help Workshop (available free from Microsoft) is required for the last operation.


  • I have only tried it on my own DokuWiki sites.
  • Right now it only works if the wiki is using the ':' namespace delimiter.
  • You need to disable url rewriting in the wiki configuration: $conf['userewrite'] = 0;
  • https is NOT supported


Converts a DokuWiki website into a Compiled Html Help file (.chm) complete with table of contents and index. Requires MS Html Help Workshop for the final compile. Free!
version: 2010.05.22 | size: ~1 MB
Delphi source files for DokuWiki2HtmlHelp.exe. Open source under GPL license.
version: 2010.05.22 | size: ~15 KB