Kathy, Bob, Robert, Bruce, and Maja waiting for a ride to the big show. The wrap-up session of the mid term review.
Maja Naur. Sociologist, Consultant. A Great Dane. Our constant companion on the Mpika/Mufilira road trip of 3000kilometers
Bob Etheredge. Financial Management and Procurement Specialist. North Carolinian, 74 years old and a true "dirty old man".
The MENR Policy statement
Jacob Gyamfi-Aidoo. Environmental Information Specialist. Ghana. Never try to haggle prices with this guy. He'll eat your lunch.
Greenwell Mukwavi. He's in charge of the District Environmental Funds for MENR
Ngula Mbonda. Coordinator of the Community Environmental Management Program
Alex Mwanakasele. He's with the World Bank and from Zambia. He also traveled to Mpika and Mufilira with us.
Yves Prevost. The big guy. The boss. Task manager of the World Bank Mission in Zambia
Marie-Claude Verlaeten, Program Assistant. World Bank
J. Kathy Parker. President. The Heron Group
Robert Robelus, Senior Environmental Specialist. World Bank. Netherlands
What the wrap up meeting in Kwacha House looked like from Mike's left.........
and to his right.