Day Zero. Mike's flight from State College is over booked and he is the one they say cannot board. Mike explains that he is carrying both our passports and visas and the cascading effect his missing this flight would have. USAir buys off another passenger and the trip begins.

Day One. We're midway over the Atlantic with sun setting and the South African Airways logo on the wingtip aglow with the rich hues of sunset but we can't get the camera to work. It looks like our digital camera has let us down. It's eating batteries without the reward of a single image.. So, it looks like we'll have to resort to a narrative of the adventure unless we can effect a repair. For now use your imagination:

Day Two. We're STILL over the Atlantic as we wake. Coming through Zambian Customs Mike was questioned extensively while the smiling officials waved Bruce through. Some say Bruce's shorts impart an air of innocence...

Had our first traffic accident on the way from the airport to the motel. The shuttle driver rear-ended a guy at a yeild sign. No big deal.

We found an Internet cafe near the motel. It's pricey, but should work well while we are in Lusaka. Together we are Zambian millionaires. The smallest bill we've seen is a 500 Kwacha note. The exchange rate is 3125 K per $. You do the math.

The motel has weaver birds in the atrium by the outdoor cafe. The males were putting on quite a display during dinner.

It's Jerry Springer TV here. The satellite system at the motel has the shock master on 7 out of 15 channels. Cricket is also always on. We think the digital camera is once again functional:

We had been frantically trying to meet with our local contacts all day. That finally happenned in the late evening. Now we know our plans for the "field trip": Tomorrow we drive to Mpika, a small community in the northeast of the country. We visit there and other nearby villages for two days and then head southwest to Mufulira in the Copperbelt by the border of Zaire. We'll be there for two days before heading back to Lusaka. We'll be sleeping in grass huts and dayhiking to get to some of the villages because there are no roads to them.

Day Three. We leave today to Mpika; an 8 hour bus ride to stay in a grass hut. We are headed out to an adventure. This is the itinerary:

We are packing only film, deet, toilet paper, and underwear. There are no phones, no lights, no motorcars. Not a single luxury.