Chief Kopa's castle. The chief was away when we dropped by.
 When visiting a chief's land you must pay a courtesy call to his compound; whether he is home or not! We sat under this roof for 10 minutes and then continued on our way.
The reception at Munikashi. We were greeted by the singing of hundreds of children.
Munikashi reception.
Adults driving back the children so we could make our way to the meeting site.
The Munikashi women dance for us at the meeting.
Doin' the funky chicken.
A traditional dugout canoe.
One of the main concerns in Munikashi is clean drinking water.
Not what we would call clean drinking water.
Munikashi fishing village
Boys returning with their catch.
The gathering at Mono Village
Still photos do not do justice to how much these folks were shakin'.
The rhythm section
more shakin' at Mono.