The perpetual haze from the burning of the landscape.
 The buildings in Mpika where we spent the morning meeting with the District Environmental Committee.

His Royal Highness,

Chief Chikwanda

It's what's for dinner.

This is one of the free-range chickens given to us by Chief Chikwanda. It was quite tasty.

Meeting with the Kaole Community.

Traditional slash and burn is being prepared. Note the piles of brush in the foreground, and the circles of brush on the distant hillside.

The brook that the Kaoleans want to protect.
Close-up of burn piles on far hillside.
The source of the Kaolean Brook,.
One of the family compounds in Kaole.
Mother and child in Kaombe Village.
Changing of shoes before climbing the waterfall at Kaombe.
Bruce on top of a pitch of the waterfall at Kaombe
The catchment basin at the top of the Kaombe falls. This area was recently burned. It is proposed as a protected area.
View off the mountain at the top of the falls at Kaombe. Note smoke rising from burning fields.