Friends of NetWeaver


BJSoftware is a division of Rules of Thumb, inc.

BJSoftware was founded in 1982 to provide engineering software to the scientific and engineering communities. Today BJSoftware's role is limited to providing onsite septic system design services and software (Sewers) within Pennsylvania.

The Heron Group, LLC

The Heron Group, LLC - "Consultants in Planning, Organization, and Managment" is an organization of professionals focusing on third world development issues, primarily natural resource managment. Their projects range from meeting facilitation to forest protection software systems.

We do all of our overseas development work through the Heron Group, including sales of NetWeaver.

Spatial Decision Support Knowledge Portal

The SDS Knowledge Portal helps people involved in spatial decision processes (decision makers, practitioners, researchers) gain a holistic view of the spatial decision process and better access to the vast amount of knowledge, information, and various resources that can be applied during spatial decision making.

EMDS - Ecosystem Management Decision Support

EMDS - The Ecosystem Management Decision Support system is a NetWeaver-based application framework for knowledge-based decision support of ecological assessments at any geographic scale.

Many thanks to Mountain View Business Group for their sponsorship of EMDS!

Sustainability International, LLC

Sustainability International conducts sustainability research, technology application, and education to improve human well-being.

We collaborate with Sustainability International through the Heron Group.


In honor of Open Source:

  • MapWindow GIS - an extensible geographic information system. We use their ActiveX GIS component in GeoNetWeaver2.
  • SourceForge - an incubator for open source software projects.
  • DK Software - Dmitri Kahn's contributions to open source. Dmitri's DKLang Localization Package enables NetWeaver to switch languages on the fly.
  • MediaWiki - the wiki software behind Wikipedia and many of our collaboration wikis.
  • DokuWiki - wiki software targeted towards documentation. We use DokuWiki to power our help system.
  • Drupal - content management platform. We use Drupal to power many of our websites.
  • Wink - screencasting software. It's not exactly open-source, but it is free and very good.

A nod to public radio on the web:

  • KEXP - where the music matters. Great music. No commercials.

Our hometown: