NetWeaver Development Plans

NetWeaver2 Developer and GeoNetWeaver2 are available for download...

We have recently completed a massive updating of NetWeaver and a restructuring of the product line. NetWeaver2 is being used in a number of projects and is available now.

The following is a summary of some of the more important changes going on in the core software.

Key Improvements

  • binary knowledge base files - Our legacy file structure has been a LISP-like ASCII system that worked well for us in the early days. However, with the need for internationalization and new features the old system has become inadequate. The new system allows for Unicode strings, easy feature enhancement, and knowledge base encryption, among other things.
  • knowledge base security - A scheme similar to the way PDF files are protected has been implemented. Knowledge bases can be locked from viewing, editing, printing, etc.
  • flexible documentation - The legacy node documentation system was very rigid with a fixed set of attributes. The new system uses a flexible system with no limits to what documentation is attached to a node. Any node can have documentation (not just the main topics). There are three levels of document visibility: public, development, private.
  • documentation extended - All nodes, not just the highest level ones, have full use of the new documentation system.
  • Unicode support - We have moved all of our string handling and storage to Unicode. Unicode provides support for internationalization.
  • new interface improvements - small changes that make the software easier and more productive.
  • internationalization - Can change interface languages on the fly, including unicode only languages such as Russian. Easy to use utility for adding new languages is included.
  • new help system - Wiki-based and context sensitive.
  • expanded database connectivity.
  • enhancing database support - We moved the database support from internal to the engine to a record by record processing method within the application itself.
  • runtime modules - knowledge bases packaged as stand alone applications.
  • Contingency Planning Assistant - a runtime tool driven by dependency networks to diagnose a situation, give a summary, and then assist in putting together a response by ranking suitability of canned solutions. Based on the runtime module feature.
  • transmogrification - ability to change a node's type on the fly
  • data pivot - a tool that displays all database driven results simultaneously for a dependency network; one goal bar (result) per database record
  • Knowledge base versioning - if TortoiseSVN client is installed and you save into a Subversion folder, the file will automatically be sent to the Subversion repository.
  • constants - system to use mnemonics in constant (k) nodes and arguments (including fuzzy arguments) where the mnemonic evaluates to a number. Allows changing thresholds globally without editing the structure of the knowledge base. The constants are set in the data list window.
  • enhanced documentation export - XHTML-based knowledge base export has css styling, exports all internal documents as pdf
    documents full knowledge base in fully hyper-linked XHTML with CSS for skinning. Javascripted outlines and tables. Exports fuzzy arguments graphs. Exports all internal docs as PDF’s.
  • incremental text search - all text in the knowledge base is searchable, from topic names to all documentation.
  • argument cloning - any existing argument, both crisp and fuzzy, from any data link can be used as a template to create a new argument.
  • complete rewrite of GeoNetWeaver including much simpler setup and operation, live results and statistics updating, robust documenting export, and replacement of MapObjects with MapWindow GIS
  • spell checking throughout
  • html-enabled topic hints

Products in development

  • Future EMDS upgrade to include NetWeaver2

Product line changes

We are moving NetWeaver Developer to a multi-tiered system of products with each higher level having more features to better reflect how our customers use NetWeaver. With the release of this product line the old annoyance-ware version will be eliminated in favor of free distribution of the entry level NetWeaver Explorer.

  • NetWeaver Explorer - view knowledge bases
  • NetWeaver Analyst - view knowledge bases and attach them to databases
  • NetWeaver Developer - create and edit knowledge bases, build runtime modules